Alternative investing was only for the select few. Now you can invest too.

Gratūs Funds gives everyday investors like you the opportunity to own alternative investments with all the benefits of direct ownership and none of the hassle.

See How It Works

What are alternative investments?

“Alternative investment” describes any investment that isn’t publicly traded. They usually fall under two major categories: real estate and private business. Traditionally, you’d need a huge amount of capital to invest in alternatives, but not with Gratūs.

Illustration showing diversification of investments.

Better Diversification

Alternative investments are not as closely tied to public markets as most traditional investments are. That low correlation can help protect you in times of volatility. Be assured that your money won’t be as impacted by the whims of Wall Street.

“My real estate investment has been easier to handle because it’s an asset class that seems less impacted by the crazy world we live in than the stock market.”


Current Gratūs Investor

Passive Income

Alternative investments can give you access to unique financing opportunities that are generally unavailable to the public. Your investments can compound in value faster, and you’ll receive quarterly dividends based on the profits.

Illustration showing income opportunities.
“Investing with Gratus was easy. I like that my real estate investment was plug and play without the active management that a stock portfolio would usually bring.”

Current Gratūs Investor

Tax Advantages

Reduce your personal tax burden and offset your real estate investment gains with the ability to claim depreciation on your assets. Loan interest is written off as an expense, lowering taxable income.

Exterior image of a Gratus property.
Interior image of a Gratus property.
Interior image of a Gratus property.
Interior image of a Gratus property.
Exterior image of a Gratus property.

“I chose to invest with Gratūs to diversify my portfolio and because they manage assets with excellent transparency on current status and future strategies.”


Current Gratūs Investor

Gain access to multifamily real-estate.

Strong Historic Returns
Reduced Volatility
Hedge Against Inflation
Low Correlation to Public Markets
Illustration showing multi-family housing.

Investing is simple. Here’s how.

Step 1:

Schedule a Meeting

To get started, simply book a 30-minute meeting with someone from our team. We’ll share a bit about the fund, answer any questions you have, and make sure your investing journey and our mission are in alignment.

Step 2:

Complete the Investor Info & Funding form

Once you have all your questions answered, fill out our online investment form. This  secure form gathers all the information needed for creating an account and funding your investment. It takes 10-15 minutes to complete.

Step 3:

Sit Back and Relax

Now that you’re in, you can sit by and watch your money work for you while we find, build, and manage properties for the fund. You’ll receive updates along the way as the fund continues to perform.