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Gratūs was built from the ground up to help advisors integrate alternative investments into their process. While founding and scaling a fast-growing advisory firm, our partner team experienced success in the world of alternative investments.

Why Multi-Family Real Estate?

Guide your clients to real estate opportunities

With Gratūs, you’ll have the ability to help your clients invest in ways that they never could alone. Gratūs has carefully vetted multi-family real estate properties that can have a positive impact on their local communities and your client’s portfolio.

1. Own tangible assets you can see, touch, and feel.

There is a powerful sense of ownership and comfort associated with investing in a real asset. A private company you believe in or a building that you can drive by can carry more weight than impersonal, more traditional investment options.

2. Generate income

With interest rates and dividends near historic lows, alternative investments offer meaningful opportunities to generate yield. Few other investments can offer both cash flow during ownership and the potential for double-digit returns.

3. Enhance returns

Alternative assets, by their very nature, tend to be less efficiently priced than traditional marketable securities, providing an opportunity to exploit market inefficiencies through active management. – Yale, 2021

4. Access depreciation and other tax reduction strategies

The fund designates you as a direct owner. That means you generally receive flow-through status which often provides excess depreciation and other tax write-offs that can help lower your overall tax burden.

5. Lower correlation to public markets

Investments in privately owned real estate and businesses have consistent valuations based on their profitability, not the daily whims of Wall Street or the 24/7 news cycle.

How Gratūs benefits you as an advisor

You Remain Their Trusted Advisor – Even With Real Estate

Stay as your client’s go-to point of contact for all investment decisions.

Build or Maintain Your AUM

Position yourself to capture assets that are on the sidelines.

Turn-Key Solution

We solve custody, billing, reporting, due diligence, and subscription. We use our experience to help you integrate our funds into your process.

Give Your Clients Something Fun

Clients like real estate, and they like a story.

Benefits of a Fund


Investment will be diversified across multiple markets, properties, and units.

Passive Nature

It Is Hands Off: Our team of professionals handles all the details for the life of the fund.


By pooling resources, we can access institutional-grade investments that would be out of reach for individual investors.

Flow-Through Tax Treatment

Our statement provides you with direct ownership which allows you to participate in potential tax benefits.

Why Real Estate?

Income: Investment grade real estate often generates between 4-6% annual returns in the form of regular dividend payments.

Appreciation: As leveraged investments, appreciation can add up quickly. Over time this can be a powerful source of total investment return.

Debt Pay Down:
As mortgage payments are made, your equity increases over time—further adding to your return.

Our Track Record

15 years full-cycle real estate investment experience

Gratūs Fund past performance details.
Gratūs Fund past performance details.

Begin Your Journey

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