Alternative Investments + Introducing Gratūs

Welcome to Gratūs, an alternative investment company on a mission to change the way you invest.

Founded on the principles of gratitude, inclusion, and creating a better world, Gratūs offers wider access to exclusive investment opportunities once relegated to those in the know. By doing so, we aim to fuel financial freedom for our clients so that they, in turn, can drive positive impact in the world around them.

Until recently with Congress passing the “Jobs Act,” certain sectors of the investing public were overlooked or prohibited from certain types of investments, particularly “Alternative Investments.” This exclusion left them with limited investment opportunities.

A few years ago as pensions began to disappear, the investors were relegated to IRAs, 401Ks, or other self-directed investment options and at times with little or no financial education.

If recent market corrections (2008,2009) have taught us nothing else, it has proven that those with long-term financial security were better able to avoid the rollercoaster of financial hardship and were more willing to sow into philanthropic initiatives that helped keep communities and businesses alive. Thus, in today’s precarious climate, financial well-being is no longer a luxury, but a collective necessity.

Headlines have recently been filled with discussion and speculation regarding “RobinHood” (an executing Broker Dealer) and the volatility of “Gamestop” (GME). It showed that many individual investors and day traders are sometimes blindly searching for the ultimate pay day or “ Golden Goose “, at times going head to head with large institutions and hedge funds.

At Gratūs, providing opportunities to the average investor is our highest priority. We attempt to mitigate risk and drive financial return by taking advantage of both traditional and alternative asset classes, offering our clients quality investment opportunities that may not be available in the general market.

One primary way in which Gratūs is innovating in this space is by leveraging the JOBS Act Regulation A to allow our clients access to previously unavailable real estate investments and other alternative investment opportunities.

These types of investments have been used for centuries by the wealthiest monarchs, institutions and high-net-worth investors.

Our mission is to bring these investments to a larger audience and provide financial fuel to accelerate your purpose.

Through Gratūs, you can invest and build for yourself a purpose-driven financial future.

Investing is simple. Here’s how.

Step 1:

Schedule a Meeting

To get started, simply book a 30-minute meeting with someone from our team. We’ll share a bit about the fund, answer any questions you have, and make sure your investing journey and our mission are in alignment.

Step 2:

Complete the Investor Info & Funding form

Once you have all your questions answered, fill out our online investment form. This  secure form gathers all the information needed for creating an account and funding your investment. It takes 10-15 minutes to complete.

Step 3:

Sit Back and Relax

Now that you’re in, you can sit by and watch your money work for you while we find, build, and manage properties for the fund. You’ll receive updates along the way as the fund continues to perform.