Navigating the Changing Tides of Downtown Real Estate: The View from Gratūs Funds’ Offices

Cities change all the time, and right now, downtown Minneapolis is undergoing a transformation. At Gratūs Funds, we mostly focus on multifamily properties, but we can't help but notice these city changes, especially when they're right on our doorstep. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal titled: America’s Downtowns Are Empty. Fixing Them Will Be Expensive got us thinking even more about this.

Here's a quick rundown of the major points from the article:

1.   Working from Home is Big Now: Many people aren't going to their offices in the city like they used to, which means fewer folks around downtown.

2.   Downtown's Dilemma: Fewer people working downtown means fewer people grabbing lunch or coffee, which makes downtown less lively. On the other hand, when an area has many businesses and fun places, more people want to be there.

3.   Suburbs are Back in Style: More people are looking at the suburbs as a great place to live, thanks to the safety and space they offer, and because many can now work from home.

Some Thoughts from Us at Gratūs Funds

·     Stay on Your Toes: What used to be a sure thing, like investing in downtown offices, might not be so sure now. It's important to keep up with what's happening.

·     Who's Winning Here?: Even as downtown tries to figure things out, the suburbs are having a moment. They offer space, safety, and the chance for a balanced life.

·     Future Possibilities: If downtown property prices drop a lot, there might be new opportunities to think about.

·     Thinking Ahead: Like hockey legend Wayne Gretzky said, "Skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been." Right now, that "puck" seems to be moving towards the suburbs.

The North Loop Stands Out

Even with all these changes, the North Loop area in Minneapolis is buzzing. It's got a great mix of places to live, work, and hang out. This just goes to show that in real estate, the exact location can make all the difference.

Wrapping Up

The shifts in downtown Minneapolis show that there's always something new happening in real estate. Our main focus at Gratūs Funds might be multifamily properties, but we always keep an eye on the bigger picture. We want to understand where things are headed, adapt, and make the best decisions for our investors.

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